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'Middle East' Rug

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The 'Middle East' rug is part of the 'Mending the Fragments' collection, which was launched in July 2024 at the 'Fresh Paint' fair. The 'Mending the Fragments' collection deals with the disassembly, assembly, and mending of the ground anew, with the aim of healing the fragments into a new reality in the country.
The rug is inspired by the climate map showing the average annual temperature of the Middle East from the new university atlas, which was torn and reassembled into new territories.

Made with high quality yarn for a soft and durable touch. 

For custom orders please contact the studio in your preferred way


Yarn Material: Cotton & acrylic blend

Base Material: Poly Cotton

Backing Material: Felt

Finishing Strip Material: Non

package Includes

One 'Middle East' Rug

Size & Weight

Height: 125 cm / 49.2 in

Width: 158 cm / 62.2 in

Weight: 5.6 kg

Processing Time

Unless we have this in stock, this item is made to order, so please allow up to 14 business days of processing. Please note, that as much as we try to make our rugs the same, due to the making process, some size and slight color alterations may occur. This makes every single rug unique.

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