Reimagine Rugs

At studio Yarnatak, we're shaking up the concept of rugs. We blend art with functionality, crafting dynamic pieces that go beyond than just covering floors. Using fresh styles and materials, our rugs become focal points of the space they are in. At our studio, we don't just make rugs, we turn conceptual ideas into visual products with every collection. Welcome to a world where rugs redefine space and style.


From Our Studio

  • Past Exhibition - Jerusalem Design Week 2023

    'A Shadow Is Present' as part of the 'Lies & Falsehoods' theme

    Hansen House, Jerusalem

  • Past Event - Open Studio Party

    Celebrated on March 26th 2022 our new studio opening. Our studio is located in the midst of the vibrant 'Wadi Nisnas' neighborhood, Haifa.

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Our Story

Co-founded by Maria Feigin and Geaya Blory. A graphic designer and an artistic soul who came together to give a twist to modern rugs.

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